Sunday, 5 June 2011

Is wealth the same thing as money?

What True Wealth Really Means

Too many a time, people tend to view me as a multi millionaire or the son of a multi millionaire when i introduce myself as Cypryan Wealth . They just tend to have this first impression of a "MONEY BAG GUY" when they hear my name. So i am taking my time to distinguish between these two different words. The question here is whether wealth is the same thing as money?

The word wealth has many different meanings, yet all are related somehow. Flip through a dictionary and you will discover that there is more than one way to define this term. If you were to talk to ten different people about wealth, you may be surprised to learn that they all have different answers to the question, “What does wealth mean to you?”

There is no right answer to the question. Any answer that you receive is nothing but a mere portion of what true wealth really means. True wealth is more than an abundance of worldly goods and financial stability.
More often than not, people associate wealth with money, yet these people are not seeing the whole picture. Even though financial freedom is a sure indicator of wealth, it is not all there is to having true wealth. As a matter of fact, if you were to measure true wealth only monetarily, you would be seriously misled. It is certainly true that money is important in this day and age, but many do not recognize that there are many other aspects to life that are equally essential to obtain true wealth.

In order to measure true wealth, you must take time into consideration. It is crucial that you understand the importance of both the quantity as well as the quality of your time on this Earth. All too often, we find ourselves preoccupied with the pursuit of money that we lose sight of all the other aspects of true wealth. Many people these days are so caught up with deadlines and schedules that few have time for their families let alone time to themselves.

Quality of life, good health and contentment are all important components of true wealth. Many, many people with shallow pockets are some of the most truly wealthy people you will find, simply because they know what wealth means to them and are certain they have it.

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