Saturday, 23 July 2011

Terrorist Bomb Attack in Oslo, Norway.....Who did it?

As everyone knows by now, there has been a horrific bomb attack in the center of Oslo, Norway:
Our thoughts and prayers are with the victims.

Norway is an odd choice as a Muslim terror target:
  • Norway has endorsed Palestinian statehood.
  • Norway has excluded Isareli investments. As Haaertz reported  last year:
Norway’s 450 billion euro oil-riches fund has excluded two Israeli firms involved in developing settlements ... on ethical grounds, Norway’s finance ministry said on Monday.
  • Indeed, Senator Lieberman has accused Norway of promoting anti-semitism  
  • Norway has also announced its plan to withdraw from the Libyan war
This is hardly the profile of a normal Muslim terrorist target. Therefore, many are alleging that it is another false flag terror attack like the 9/11 attack in USA.

In addition, as Business Insider noted:
The other big possibility, touted by some on Twitter, is that the attack could have come from the Norwegian right. The Norwegian far right were once a feared proposition but have been relatively mellow in recent years due to the success of populist success of the Progress Party.
BBC notes:
Meanwhile a gunman dressed as a policeman started shooting at a Labour youth camp on the island of Utoeya. Unconfirmed reports say several people have been killed. The gunman has been arrested.

The Telegraph report:
Hours later there was a summer camp youth conference of the ruling Labour Party, which is being attended by current Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg. The conference is taking place on the island of Ut√łya. The man apparently infiltrated the conference on the pretence that he had been sent by the police as a security measure in the wake of the Oslo explosions. As such, it is likely he was ethnically Norwegian. This could indicate the involvement of a far-right group rather than an Islamist group ...

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